BILLIE GIRL Synopsis Billie Girl, a Southern Gothic novel, is dark humor and human sexuality poignantly wrapped in the theme of mercy killing. Born in 1900, Billie Girl is abandoned at the age of three months, then taken in by elderly sisters who share the burden of a startling secret. The sisters employ murder and euthanasia to protect their new daughter, and pow! Her life becomes a series of events controlled by the strangers she encounters: the handyman, Dove, her guardian; her first husband, Judge, a gentlemanly, moneyed bigamist who is not a Judge; the almost-gay man who teaches her the art of self-induced orgasm; her long-lost daughter Forda (yes, named after a car); a preacher’s wife whose religious loneliness of heart shoves her into the arms of another woman; and Billie Girl’s second husband, whose platonic love almost makes her happy. She’s dying in a nursing home, secretly practicing euthanasia, when her beliefs about love and compassion are put to the test.

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